Proposed CBA Language

(As of June 2017): CBA priorities/proposal summary general 06-2017 final

Lakeside toure 06-13

The Coalition for a South Works CBA wants the development of the U.S. Steel “South Works” Site (formerly known as “Lakeside Development”) to be successful. We define “success” as a development that:

  • Employs a large number of local residents throughout the development process,
  • Offers training to residents and partnerships with schools to ensure local residents qualify for jobs offered at the development including pre- and post- construction,
  • Provides affordable housing that is available to current residents,
  • Offers tax relief to long-term residents to avoid displacement and gentrification, and
  • Is environmentally sustainable and healthy for the existing community as well as the community within the development,
  • Establishes a robust technology infrastructure for the existing communities, as well as the development.

Click on the attachments below to read the summary and the previous proposed draft CBA:

CBA priorities/proposal summary general 06-2017 final

Previous Draft of Proposed CBA Language (as of 07-15-14)

Please support our efforts to get a CBA that will benefit our community by providing your feedback below.


*** For more information about the Coalition and the South Works Development, go to:

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