SE Jobs Pipeline

The Coalition and Jobs Pipeline stakeholders have partnered with the Southeast Jobs Collaborative to develop a southeast side jobs pipeline to connect residents to current job openings, training, and future South Works jobs.

South East Side Jobs Pipeline Partners/Allies

Alliance of the SouthEast (ASE) & Coalition for a South Works CBA Jobs Committee members
Southeast Jobs Collaborative

10th Ward Alderwoman Susan Sadlowski Garza
Black United Fund of Illinois
Bowen High School
Calumet Area Industrial Commission (CAIC)
Chicago Women in Trades
DESI- Washington Heights Workforce Center
Manufacturing Renaissance
Olive Harvey City College
St. Augustine College
Southeast Jobs Collaborative

The Jobs Committee of the Coalition for a South Works CBA created a vision of the pipeline in December 2016. We met with employers, trainers, service providers, Bowen High School, and Calumet Area Industrial Commission and formed the SE Jobs Pipeline Committee.  In December 2017, the Pipeline Committee joined with the Southeast Jobs Collaborative.

In May 2017, ASE and partners held a Career Readiness Fair with approx. 100 attendees, 11 co-sponsors, and 9 employers/trainers.

US Steel South Works Development

Lakeside 062013 1309The development of the U.S. Steel South Works site will be one of the largest taking place in the Midwest and it is the last undeveloped lakefront property in Chicago.

About the U.S. Steel South Works Site

  • Covers an area larger than twice the size of the Loop (600 acres)
  • Will be the largest local new source of jobs
  • $184 million in public funds committed to the development, including $119 million in TIF funds
  • Is estimated to be a $4 billion project. The development of the U.S. Steel site has the capability to bring massive economic development to southeast Chicago, and restore the region’s economic stability with employment opportunities, affordable housing, and increased revenue.

Coalition for a South Works CBA

The Alliance of the SouthEast coordinates a Coalition of 40+ community organizations, schools, churches, businesses, and block clubs that are working to get a Community Benefits Agreement (CBA). A CBA is a legally binding, written agreement between developer/s and members of the community. Our CBA includes provisions to ensure that the development benefits local residents and businesses in the surrounding neighborhoods, including:

  • Local hiring policies, fair wages, employment training programs, and support of MBEs/WBEs/DEBs during construction phases of development.
  • Affordable housing that is attainable to families incomes in the current, surrounding community,
  • Access to, training in, and support of technology initiatives in the Community;
  • Environmental safeguards, amenities, and transportation plans that protect human safety and local wildlife, preserve open space, maximize use of land through duration of the project, and preserve the character of arterial streets;
  • Creation of a Community Center for education and betterment of local residents; and
  • Creation of a Community Board to ensure CBA compliance through duration of Project.

We need to work together to ensure that the families that built this community can stay in this community and have access to the largest local source of jobs.

Community Survey
According to a Coalition for a South Works CBA survey of southeast side residents:

3 out of 4 respondents support a Community Benefits AgreementSupport for CBA 2013

More than half of the respondents said that the development of the U.S. Steel site should benefit the surrounding communityHow development should benefit community
Note: Respondents were allowed to choose more than one benefit to the community.

  • Average number of years that families have lived on the southeast side: 32.6years
  • 105 respondents said that someone in their household at a member of a trade union

*There were 428 respondents, which included residents from South Chicago, East Side, Calumet Heights, South Shore. Note: Respondents were allowed to choose more than one benefit to the community.

Preserving the rich history and diversity in southeast Chicago
A CBA is necessary to preserve the rich history and diversity in southeast Chicago. Many of the residents that used to work in the steel mills have stayed in the community. Many families have generations of family members that have been in the community for 20, 30, 50, or even more than 70 years. They should not be displaced as property taxes and rents increase due to the development.

The development of the U.S. Steel site would be the largest local source of jobs. Moreover, it is located on land that is currently owned by U.S. Steel, the former employer of many families in the area. Even after the steel mills closed, families stayed in the area. There must be priority given to hiring local residents for local jobs that will soon be generated by the new development.

The southeast side is unique in its diversity, which should be preserved and celebrated. It was originally settled by European immigrants first came to the area to work in the steel mills and as a result of the World’s Columbian Exposition in 1893. The region is also the oldest Mexican establishment in Chicago. Our Lady of Guadalupe is the oldest Mexican parish in Chicago and one of the largest, active churches with a Latino constituency on the southeast side. The southeast side also has a large African American population as well as a sizable Caribbean population.

South Chicago also has the most mom and pop stores in Chicago, an emerging green initiative with new housing and businesses, and an activist institutional base that is working to revitalize the neighborhood.

If you are interested in being added to our mailing list regarding the development of the South Works site and related upcoming events, training, or job opportunities, please fill out the form below.

Proposed CBA Language

(As of June 2017): CBA priorities/proposal summary general 06-2017 final

Lakeside toure 06-13

The Coalition for a South Works CBA wants the development of the U.S. Steel “South Works” Site (formerly known as “Lakeside Development”) to be successful. We define “success” as a development that:

  • Employs a large number of local residents throughout the development process,
  • Offers training to residents and partnerships with schools to ensure local residents qualify for jobs offered at the development including pre- and post- construction,
  • Provides affordable housing that is available to current residents,
  • Offers tax relief to long-term residents to avoid displacement and gentrification, and
  • Is environmentally sustainable and healthy for the existing community as well as the community within the development,
  • Establishes a robust technology infrastructure for the existing communities, as well as the development.

Click on the attachments below to read the summary and the previous proposed draft CBA:

CBA priorities/proposal summary general 06-2017 final

Previous Draft of Proposed CBA Language (as of 07-15-14)

Please support our efforts to get a CBA that will benefit our community by providing your feedback below.


*** For more information about the Coalition and the South Works Development, go to:

Coalition for a South Works CBA Members

Coalition logoMembers

  • 79th/80th Essex Block Club
  • Alliance of the SouthEast (ASE)
  • Arnold Mireles Academy LSC
  • Black United Fund of Illinois (BUFI)
  • Centro de Trabajadores Unidos/ United Workers’ Center
  • Christ Bible Church Impact Ministries Committee
  • Claretian Associates
  • Coalition for Equitable Community Development (CECD)
  • Concerned Neighbors Of Crandon-Oglesby (CNOCO)
  • Crossroads Collaborative
  • Empowering South Shore
  • Environment, Transportation, Health, Open Space (ETHOS)
  • Family Rescue
  • Heartfield Chicago
  • Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference (HPKCC)
  • James H. Bowen High School
  • Jeffery Manor Community Revitalization Council
  • Metropolitan Family Services – Southeast Chicago
  • Mind Influence Attitude Inc.
  • New Sullivan Elementary School
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church
  • Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church
  • Real Men Charities, Inc.
  • Southeast Environmental Task Force (SETF)
  • Trees Are Beautiful
  • United Steelworker Organization of Active Retirees (SOAR)
  • Veteran’s Park Improvement Association
  • We Mean Green Community Gardens

… and more organizations


  • United Food and Commercial Workers Local 881