Welcome! Bienvenido!

What is the Alliance of the Southeast, or ASE (pronounced like the verb “hacer” in Spanish – “ah-say”, or “to do or make”)?

ASE is a multicultural, interfaith coalition of churches, schools, businesses, and community organizations, all working together to address the challenges facing the neighborhoods of Southeast Chicago. Formerly the Alianza Leadership Institute, we have grown from our beginnings as series of leadership skills workshops to a powerful network with over 40 community partners representing thousands of people.

Southeast Chicago Homes

Our Mission: What We Do

We build the capacity of leaders, organizers, and associations that carry out community and social change. We envision a powerful grassroots base that impacts decision makers and wins real improvements in our neighborhoods.

Whether we’re ending youth violence, creating local jobs, reducing recidivism, or advocating for economic justice- our voices are stronger together!

ASE carries out this mission by:

  • Building a strong alliance of active faith-based institutions, community organizations, schools, businesses, and individuals
  • Hosting listening sessions to ensure that issues of concern to constituents are campaigns that are prioritized
  • Establishing the leadership skills necessary for members to take power for themselves\
  • Giving members the tools and support necessary to win projects that they build and lead from start to finish
  • Partnering with organizations in other regions and participating in city-wide events that are relevant to our cause

Join ASE as a member here, or find out more about our current initiatives around restorative justice, youth leadership, and community mapping.

Chicago Skyline 2008

view of southeast Chicago

view of southeast Chicago (Photo credit: ~C4Chaos)

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. ASE is one of the best things happening at Southeast Chicago. When people get involved, good things happen for our youth. Thanks Amalia. You are a great leader. May God bless you!

    • Thank you, Guadalupe! ASE can only be as strong as the people involved in the organization. The more we work together as a community, the stronger we will be. Thank you for your support and for being involved.

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