Good Neighbor Policy- Priorities for SE Side Developments

COVID-19 hasn’t stopped construction. Plans for investment are still moving forward. There are a number of developments planned for the Southeast Side (with over 12 in the last 2 years).

Over the last year and half, the Coalition for a South Works CBA, has been holding Community Visioning Sessions to hear from residents on the southeast side, what a good neighbor policy for developers should be- what good development should look like in our communities. Residents have prioritized jobs and training, supporting local businesses/entrepreneurship, housing, environment, education, and quality of life, with an emphasis on a community voice, transparency, and accountability.

The results of these Community Visioning Sessions can be found here: SE Side Visioning Results- Good Neighbor Policy for Development 05-2020


2 thoughts on “Good Neighbor Policy- Priorities for SE Side Developments

    • Hello, Stephanie. Sorry for the slow response. We just saw your question. ASE and the Coalition for a South Works CBA is working to make sure that local developments benefit local residents. So, this isn’t for any one particular job, but it is to ensure that local developers train and hire local residents throughout the development process, from construction to permanent jobs after the development is completed. Currently, we are working on the Invest South/West development and with the CTA assembly plant to ensure this happens. If you’re interested in more info., signing up for our newsletter, or getting involved, please email

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